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Bri Reilly

Actor - Dancer - Singer - Creator 


Hi there!

I’m Bri Reilly (she/her). I grew up around Cleveland, OH and graduated from Viterbo University with a BFA in theatre acting and minors in music and dance in May of 2023. Since then I have began my career in theatre with companies such as: Kings Island, Missoula Children's Theatre and Florida Studio Theatre. Throughout this journey I have discovered more love for not only performing, but for writing, designing, puppeteering and teaching as well. 

In my next steps, I hope to continue to bring the joy of theatre to others and to share the power of storytelling. I love collaborating with artists and am excited to keep growing in the craft.

Outside of theatre, I can often be found reading, being outside or knitting. I also love space and wrote a little play about it, which is now available in the "Reels" tab!


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Bri Reilly


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